Post-Pandemic Office Cleaning and Office Building Cleaning

May 20, 2021

As the Pandemic Winds Down, Office Buildings are Filling Back Up

Commercial real estate was one of the first spaces to get economically impacted by the pandemic in 2020. Office space in particular was hit hard as many employees worked from home or quarantined away from the office. However, as we approach mid-2021 the trend is in the opposite direction. While some businesses still provide the option to work remotely, the vast majority of commercial locations are returning to in-person work and many administrative offices are included. With safety from COVID-19 still a factor, these companies are taking office cleaning more seriously now than ever.

More Thorough Office Cleaning

At Dream Clean, our office cleaning clients have requested more robust cleaning services to fit the demands of this transitional era.

Request have included:

  • More frequent cleanings
  • Sanitizing individual workstations with every clean
  • Sanitizing high-touch areas such as conference rooms and break rooms with every clean
  • A stronger emphasis on disinfecting office restrooms with each clean
  • Placing a bottle of FDA-approved and CDC-sanctioned hand sanitizer on each workstation

“The vast majority of commercial locations are returning to in-person work”

More Thorough Office Building Cleaning

In addition, to the measures taken by individual businesses to protect their returning employees, property management companies are looking at ways to better safeguard their tenants.

These steps include:

  • Cleaning staff deployed during the workday instead of before or after working hours
  • Sanitizing high-touch areas such as mailrooms and elevators several times per day
  • Sanitizing common area restrooms several times per day
  • Mopping floors with disinfectant several times per day
  • Ensuring that all maintenance, security, and cleaning staff are equipped with masks and individual bottles of hand sanitizer

A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Additional office cleaning or office building cleaning needs to be balanced with staying within a reasonable budget. For many businesses and property management companies it may be unclear which of these additional measures are essential. It may also be a challenge to find out how much these additional services cost. That’s why Dream Clean provides all clients and prospective clients with a complimentary cleaning plan that is completely customized to a particular office or office building.

Each complimentary cleaning plan comes with an office cleaning or office building cleaning punch list that is unique to a particular property. The plan also gives recommendations for frequency showing different options, with each frequency option priced separately.

In addition to the complimentary office cleaning or office building cleaning plans, Dream Clean also provides a list of value-added items that differentiate us from many other office cleaners or office building cleaners in South Florida. These value-added items include background checks of every Dream Clean employee, complimentary mini-bottles of FDA-approved and CDC-recommended hand sanitizer, and transportation provided to each workplace to ensure timely arrival and departure of Dream Clean staff. In addition to these items, we are also fully insured with workers compensation, general liability insurance, and auto insurance.

Real-Time Management

When Dream Clean deploys a team for an office cleaning or office building cleaning, team members have access to a business productivity app that allows us to track progress and report challenges directly from the app. For example, if vandalized or damaged property is encountered during a cleaning session, our staff reports the damage, complete with images, via the app.

Dream Clean management and our clients are therefore only a snapshot away from knowing, in real-time, where cleaning staff are and what they are doing.

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