How Dream Clean Staff Clean and Sanitize your Workplace

February 15, 2021

If you have received a Dream Clean quote you may have noticed that sometimes we use the word clean and other times we use the word sanitize. Let’s explore what we mean by each of those words and what we use to get the job done.


When you clean a surface the most important requirement is that it looks and feels free of dust, debris and residue. It is a combination of dusting and wiping for most raised hard surfaces and sweeping and mopping for most hard floor surfaces.

Our liquid solutions are used at proprietary dilutions of the factory concentrate for the purposes of general cleaning.

Sometimes, if the debris and residue are caked on or particularly stuck on to the surface we need to use our discretion to either scrub the surface or use a degreaser that chemically lifts certain residue without damaging the underlying surface.

Finally, when cleaning certain surfaces such as those made of or finished with stainless steel, a specialty cleaner is used. Specialty cleaners like those used for stainless steel or finished wood are used in tandem with microfiber cloths to ensure that the surface appears spotless without the risk of abrading the surface.


When we say that a surface is sanitized, we mean that Dream Clean will chemically neutralize microorganisms that can potentially cause human or animal disease. These disease-causing organisms include pathogens like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Human Coronaviruses, Influenza, MRSA, Norovirus, VRE, and a variety of fungi.

Our proprietary one-step disinfectant cleaner is designed and manufactured locally here in Miami. We have worked with our local provider to procure a disinfectant that kills pathogens on hard non-porous surfaces in just five minutes or less. We call the time needed for our product to kill 99.9% of organism dwell time. When sanitizing our clients’ workplaces or the common areas of a residential building, Dream Clean staff use different dilutions and dwell times depending on the application:

  • The strongest dilution we use is a hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • Our second strongest dilution is virucidal in 5 minutes and meets bloodborne pathogen standards for most non-hospital applications.
  • Our third strongest dilution is used for our non-food contact sanitizer with a dwell time of 5 minutes.

Safe for Humans, Mammals, and Most Materials

The proprietary mixture of surfactants we use to disinfect are non-irritating to the eyes and skin. Although we always wear gloves when we work, no gloves are needed to protect cleaners from the chemicals when used as directed. This is true even for the hospital-grade dilution!

The non-corrosive formula is compatible with most hard non-porous surfaces, which means that we can disinfect stainless steel surfaces like elevator button panels.

No rinsing of our disinfectant is required at the dilutions we use. The active ingredients naturally break down into biodegradable compounds and water over time.

Clean with a Smile

At Dream Clean, we keep our staff happy. That’s why our clients always see us “cleaning with a smile”. This is even more important during a pandemic when our cleaners are present all day in our clients’ work environments. Do you require your workplace or facility to be cleaned and sanitized? Hire the happiest cleaners in Miami and watch us shine!

And Remember

By hiring Dream Clean to sanitize workplaces and common areas of residential buildings organizations can significantly reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. While no cleaning regimen can reduce the risk to zero, following CDC guidelines such as wearing a facemask at all times in public and maintaining a distance of six feet from others when indoors can further reduce the risk. Dream Clean staff and supervisors are available immediately for commercial cleaning assignments throughout South Florida.


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