5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Post-Construction Cleaning.

December 7, 2020

Planning a construction or restoration project? Remember that when your project is complete, it’s very likely that you will need a crew to handle your post-construction cleaning and removal of debris, paint overspray, caulking, dust, dirt, and dried adhesives. After all, your project won’t be done until your floors, walls, doors, window glass, frames, and mullions appear clean and new.

In contracting a crew to deliver these results, there are five ways to leverage your project management experience and knowledge to get the best results. Let’s take a look a look at each and explore how a little attention in these areas yields big returns in terms of results:

1. Plan ahead

Time is money and you can save a lot of time and headache by making post-construction cleaning plans well before your project is completed. Planning ahead allows you to select the right post-construction cleaning company for the job and ensure that they are available on the day(s) needed. Booking ahead also can potentially save you from having to pay premium rates for scheduling a job at the last minute.

2. Know that it may take a couple of days

In some cases, it takes more than a day to clean a construction site. Many locations require a “rough” clean followed by a “final” clean – sometimes with a quality check in between. To be safe, it is recommended to allocate a few days between the end of construction and the move-in day as a safety cushion. Be sure to ask your cleaner to provide an estimate based on the square footage, the floor plans, and “as-is” pictures of the interior. Ask if they can provide a quote including the time required along with the cost.

3. Clean as you go

The most professional construction crews clean up as they build. If you are running a construction project make sure that debris, garbage, and dust are kept to a minimum at all times by systematically making clean-up part of the construction process. This way, when the job is complete, the post-construction cleaning will take a smaller portion of the job’s budget and take up less time overall to complete.

4. Complete all work before your post-construction crew arrives

While it is important to “clean as you go”, know that it is most efficient for the post-construction cleaners to clean after your job has been completely finished. This means that all construction and painting should be wrapped up prior to the construction clean-up crew’s arrival on the site. If this is not possible, then schedule a rough clean up prior to painting and other finishing work, and then a separate final clean once all of the finishing work is completed.

5. Make sure cleaners are licensed and insured

All contractors who arrive on your site are responsible for being insured and licensed in their trade. Cleaners are no different. To protect you, your client, the cleaning staff, and others it is important that your post-construction clean-up provider present you with valid Certificates of Insurance for general liability and workers compensation. They should also provide a copy of their janitorial license and for administrative purposes an IRS form W-9.

Dream Clean conducts post-construction cleaning to prepare properties for open houses and move-ins. We finish rough cleans and final cleans on behalf of general contractors, commercial real estate companies, and property owners. Fully licensed and insured, Dream Clean teams arrive in uniform to finish every job on time and on budget.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning company for post-construction or post-restoration cleaning for your next project call us today at 786.512.0809 or reach out via our contact form.


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